Unleashing Genius programs are highly interactive workshops ranging from the natural sciences to chemistry, biology, life sciences, the environment, health, astronomy and nutrition.

There are three levels to each program,each level is completed in six workshops with a total number of eighteen hours per level. The program includes each time a Science Drama show, an Experimania and an Artful Science hands-on session for the students to experiment on the new concept) each lasting an hour.

Our service is very unique, making sure we totally absorb the children’s attention into fully understanding the science concept well. The first session that they attend during the program each week is well designed and planned to make sure they are learning the concept simply without realizing that they are learning as they have fun. During the second session Experimania grasp the concept or an additional concept related to it.

The last week of the program is the most exciting for the students and the most beneficial to them, where a treasure hunt is organized and they try to find the treasure by solving most of the riddles through implementing the experiments and explaining the science concepts that they have learned throughout the program.