Fun Science Panama prepared a show as part of a campaign aimed at saving awareness among children based on five different aspects to work for a better future: saving money, saving energy, saving water and the conservation and care of trees, and the importance of recycling.

Aimed at children aged between 4 and 7 years, this activity was carried out in 31 private schools, allowing spread the message among some 8,000 children.

He devised a script for a workshop for thirty minutes which also created four characters to support the explanation of concepts. Piggy bank, money saving, tap, saving water, bombillon Ahorratín and energy saving, and Arboleto, care of the trees and the importance of recycling.

The campaign, called Save, Save and Care, was encapsulated in the actions ProFuturo company, a pension fund manager and savings products Panamanian performs within its Futurín Savings Club program,  which promotes active participation of children in saving a fun and educational.